Black and White Gown

I just love this gown; it’s so unique and distinctive.  Black and White Gown The bow as well as the black and white contrast makes the gown without question striking and memorable.

Elise was a lovely young lady from Cairns, which flew to Brisbane to get her gown made.  When clients live out of town I try and make the whole process as easy as possible, by offering flexible appointment hours.  When Elise came to Brisbane for her first consultation, I was able to take her measurements in the morning and have her calico toile made by the afternoon.   This allowed Elise to have two fittings in one trip.

Elise than flew down one month later to try her gown on, but during that time I was able to exchange photos with Elise to show her the progress of the gown.  This allowed her to still have input in the construction of the gown.

I think she looked amazing, definitely a wow gown.


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