There are basically six different types of bridal train lengths that a bride can choose from to have on her wedding gown.  It is advised that a bride puts a lot of consideration into which length train is most practical for her wedding day.


The sweeping train is the shortest of all the trains.  As the name suggests it just sweeps along the ground.  This train length is good for a more casual wedding.  


The court train is great for a beach or garden wedding as the train measures only about 35-45cm in length.  This length train is very elegant and looks fantastic on a slimline gown.  A court train can’t be bustled, care needs to be taken that nobody stands on it.


The chapel train is the so popular of trains.  The train measures about 1.5m from the waist.  This train is very elegant and can be bustled for the reception.


The cathedral train is for the more traditional, formal, church wedding.  The train measures about 2-2.5m from the waist and can be bustled for the reception.


The monarch train is the least popular of the trains.  Brides that opt for this train will need assistance walking as it measures 3.5m plus, not very practical.


The detachable train can be removed after the ceremony.  The train is normally attached around the waist or at a single point at the back of the gown.

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