Jordanna Regan

“As a designer, I draw inspiration from unexpected and far-away destinations. I’ve travelled extensively, seeking out different cultures, design trends and sewing techniques.

But most importantly, I draw inspiration from the bride herself. I adore forming relationships with the brides I work with, and it gives me enormous pleasure to bring their personal mystique to life in the most beautiful way possible.”

I was 10 years old when my Grandmother gave me a sewing machine, and I’ve been in love with designing ever since. Largely self-taught, I was captivated by the way a simple piece of fabric could be transformed in so many different ways. After studying Clothing Production and Textiles, I further honed my craft working alongside designers on bridal and evening wear.

When I first started designing my own pieces, I resisted expressing my natural style and was more traditional and conservative in my approach. But in 2011, I made the brave decision to finally follow my heart, and let my own unique style shine through my work. I began creating couture designs that were true to me.

This decision was the start of Jordanna Regan Couture.

I released my first wedding gown collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival in 2011, and have since gone on to become one of Brisbane’s most awarded wedding gown designers.

Everything about my non-traditional designs is bespoke, and each gown is as unique as the bride who wears it. I focus on building an understanding of each bride’s personality and individual beauty before I begin the designing process. Then I source exquisite fabrics, laces and embellishments from all over the world to create a truly one-of-a-kind wedding garment.

For me, every stitch and every tiny detail in my wedding couture gowns matters. I lovingly handcraft each dress, perfecting every line and hand-sewing the finest embellishments.

Designing is my life and being a part of a bride’s journey is my dream come true.