How to Store your Wedding Gown

DRY CLEAN:  You need to clean your gown immediately, as over time, stains will set and they will become more and more difficult to remove.  Ideally, you want someone to drop off your gown while you are on your honeymoon, or drop the gown off at the cleaners before you go.  I recommend Leon’s Fine Dry Cleaners they are Wedding Gown Specialist, located on the corner of Norman & Stanley Street, East Brisbane (07) 3391 1412

PROTECTING YOUR WEDDING GOWN:  The best ways to store your gown long-term is to box it with acid-free tissue paper or by storing the dress in a breathable 100% cotton garment bag,  as plastic dry cleaning bags can make the garment sweat.  The gown should also be hung on a white padded silk coat hanger as opposed to a lacquered wooden coat hanger, the gown should be kept away from anything that could stain it over time.  Store veils, accessories and silk shoes with the dress.  Boxing is also a good way to know that everything is all together.

STORING YOUR GOWN:  Your wedding gown should be stored somewhere that isn’t damp or humid, and out of the sunlight. If a gown is exposed to these elements over time, it will turn yellow as it’s a natural fibre.

COLLECTING YOUR WEDDING DRESS:  Lay your gown along the back seat of the car, hooking it from the hanger at one window and then along the seat. The gown should then be hung somewhere high so any creases can drop out and to stop more from being created.

LEADING UPTO YOUR WEDDING:  Try not to constantly try on your wedding gown or even take it out of its bag, to show people. The more you handle silk, the more the oils from your hands can mark the fabric.

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