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What do you love about Wedding Couture?  I love how personalised couture is; there aren’t many services available like this anymore. When getting a couture gown made the couturier and bride work extremely close, to ensure her complete happiness, to validate her needs and ensure expectations are meet.

Do you have any wedding design pet hates?  Although it is reassuring to have friends and family come along throughout the design process, it can cause confusion with everyone giving their opinions. I recommend just bringing along one or two people you trust the most, however the gown should represent your personality.

Describe your designs signature aesthetic?  A bridal gown is the most important garment a woman will ever wear in her lifetime. The gown should represent her individuality and create an alluring elegance fashioned on style and femininity.

If you were designing your own wedding dress (or if you already have) what would be your dream dress?  I got married in March 2009 and I still love my bridal gown. It was a white Thai silk fishtail gown with a cathedral length train and veil. The bodice was embellished with silver Italian lace and bugle beads. The gown had tiny custom made covered buttons down my back and the hem had a delicate scalloping around the edge.

What are the biggest faux pas that bride-to-be’s make when buying a dress?  Most brides already have some idea of what they want to wear on their wedding day by looking through magazines. However just because a certain style is in fashion, it doesn’t mean it is the right style for you. A bride shouldn’t limit her options; she should explore different styles to see which style compliments her silhouette. You might just be surprised.

What services do you provide to your clients?  Bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses are custom made, utilising only the finest premium silk fabrics and laces. Handmade silk flowers, hand beaded crystals and custom made buttons are tastefully integrated to create that element of individuality and exclusivity.

What are the current popular trends for bridal wear?  Bridal gowns have been more romantic, elegant and glamorous than the past year. Brides have been going for the more vintage, fitted, sleek gown with a cap sleeve, one shoulder or delicate lace straps. Soft pastel colours have also been popular, with a lot of brides opting for blush or pink champagne. Gowns that have a lot of texture are also very popular.

What’s something that people might not know about your label/business?  Wedding gowns take twelve weeks to make with a minimum of four fittings to achieve the perfect fit and to attain the attention to detail required. Having a custom designed and made wedding gown is a very time consuming process, but the superiority, exclusivity and flawlessness cannot be compared to an “off the rack” wedding gown. The first fitting is a calico trial of the gown, known as a toile. The toile is moulded to the bride’s body and then later used as the pattern. The toile stage is a great opportunity to perfect the design eg. Neckline, silhouette, sleeves etc, before the bride’s fabric is cut.

Which celebrity would you love to see wearing one of your designs and why?  Rachel McAdams, I think she has a very classic, elegant beauty with a feminine curvaceous body. She is very much the girl next door which I think a lot of people could associate with.

How do you face a bridezilla?  I understand organising a wedding can be stressful and I try to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. I encourage ongoing consultation with the Bride to ensure her complete satisfaction with the process and the final product.

How did ‘Jordanna Regan Wedding Couture’ come about?  I studied design, textiles and clothing production at Moreton Institute of Tafe before working for a Brisbane bridal designer. In 2007, I decided to venture out on my own and Jordanna Regan Couture was established with the focus of providing high quality innovative designs.

What are the most popular bridal couture trends this season?  Bridal gowns have been more romantic, elegant and glamorous than the past year. Brides have been going for the more vintage, fitted, sleek gown with a cap sleeve, off the shoulder or delicate lace straps, whilst still having that element of individuality. Gowns that have a lot of texture have also been very popular.

What are the most popular colours and styles that you are finding your clients are requesting at the moment?  Ivory, Antique White, Champagne pink and soft gold are popular bridal colours this season.   Chantilly lace has also made a mammoth comeback.

What are the hottest bridesmaids colours and options?  Pastel tones are very popular this season.  Bridesmaids are opting for modest elegant gowns, ruched boned bodices and soft gathered skirts with a nice detail around the waist.

What have you found to be the biggest difference in what brides are asking for today as opposed to last season?  Gowns are becoming more slimline in silhouette; necklines have risen replacing the plunging strapless gown.  Lace, pearls and crystals are also extremely popular.

Is there anything that is really ‘out of fashion’ when it comes to bridal-wear?  A wedding gown should represent the bride’s personality, as well as complimenting her figure.  Most brides have some idea of what they want to wear on their wedding day by looking through magazines, however just because a certain style is in fashion it doesn’t mean it is the right style for you.

For a bride who doesn’t know where to start, what is your advice when it comes to designing the perfect dress?  It is important to try on as many different style gowns as possible. This will aid in deciding which silhouettes most flatters your body shape and personality, from that you will start to develop a clear idea of what you want your gown to look like.  Don’t limit your options; you might just be surprised.

Hair piece or veil?  Hair pieces have been particularly popular this season but it should depend on the style of the gown and the location whether you wear a hair piece or veil.  Hair pieces look fantastic for a beach or garden wedding.

Any last comments that you would like the public to know or understand about what you offer?  Jordanna Regan Couture represents timeless elegance, luxury and grace and brings back classic beauty and femininity to compliment the female silhouette. Jordanna Regan Couture has been honoured with invitations to showcase at prestigious events such as the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, as well as having received national and international recognition through media publications.




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