Different types of Veils

The different types of veils that you can wear on your wedding day.

Drop veil:   The drop veil was most recently made famous by Kate Middleton, when she wore it on her wedding day.  The veil is very subtle; there is no gathered were the veil joins the comb.   The veil falls softly over the head, covering the face.  The drop veil looks lovely with a vintage style wedding gown and a gown that is elaborate in design, were you don’t want your veil contending with your dress.

Mantilla Veil:  The Mantilla veil is very delicate, with a beautiful scallop lace around the edge.  The veil sit gently on the top of the head, there is no gather were the comb joins.  The veil cannot be worn over the face.  The veil goods lovely this with a modest style gown, to add a little bit more wow factor.

Juliet Cap Veil:  Most recently worn by Kate Moss, this veil is gathered on each side of the head to form a cap.  There is normally lace or flowers place around the front and sides of the veil.

Bird Cage Veil:  The Bird Cage veil looks romantic and elegant, at the non-formal wedding.  The veil is made from a Russian veiling rather than tulle and is embellished with flowers, feathers and beads.  The veil is gathered at the top of the head and sits over the face stopping at the chin.

Two Tiered Veil:  The two tier veil is the most common of veils and looks great with almost any gown.  The veil has a slight gather were it is joined to the comb and can be worn over the face.


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